Leave The U.S. And Fit In

To travel the world is a cultural experience most people crave. But there are two ways to travel outside the United States for vacation. The first is the way most people travel. They go to all the tourist spots and carry all their touristy belongings with them as they go. The second more private way to travel is to see the world through the eyes of a more native person. This focus is to have a more unique travel experience. In order to accomplish the latter of the two, people who are planning travel must find ways to immerse in the country’s culture.

Immersion into a country’s culture means so many things including learning to dress more in their clothing styles, learning their language and staying in the more localized private accommodations versus the tourist accommodations. Many counties especially within Europe have apartments that can be rented within the major cities that are completely furnished and in safe locations. These types of accommodations are more like having your own place for a week-or a month. This quaint way of vacationing helps people feel experience the day to day life of the native countrymen of the city that they travel in.

This type of travel also means learning their culture beforehand. For American’s who travel knowing culture can be of great help. In some European countries the word Yankee is almost a swear word and in England a female solicitor is an attorney not a prostitute. Likewise in Israel Jewish men may not shake a woman’s hand for reasons of spiritual cleanliness. These are just a few reasons why knowing the foreign culture of the country of destination can make the experience a more profound and memorable experience. Lastly, learning the foods that are native and to shop the more local markets will certainly add to the authenticity of the vacation as well.Can’t get enough? There’s more: Preparation for Studying Abroad: Recommendations & What to Expect