Absolutely Miles Away …too many clouds, too little time…

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numbers click down through a thought of out of peril and tick past and what did you want me for again?


the only choice seconds one holds together are those in the early morning and late night.

same story, different name

i wish that the light looked that way here, some times.  And that there was grey, and bright, and dark, and light.  All mixed into shades, smeared with a thick brush onto taut canvas. just shy of the table, a man threw paint pots onto a road.  at first, vibrant colours slaked and snaked their […]

tears and shines

for every small tear smoothing flush past cheekbone teetering from the echelons threatening a drip to placid pool there shines a stream beyond this fray secluded caves cracked into wizened rock and in-between the meeting of letters we watch rainbows sweep the grey land to green thought parcels sent to lull whispers lined with promises […]

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