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lunar plans

rocket, rocket, and a ludicrous length of kitchen foil. blast away, take off, through sullen rich skies and on to the moon… [i have not been here recently.  been here, and there, and all the way over there. i do hope you understand.] no moon journies as yet.  but soon.

momentary piece

the winter returned; one cold melody precipitated on the breath of fire-flies dancing summer through. wake and sleep.  count the lights of cars and lives as they stroll on by.  marking time the only way known a wreck, gathered in life and limb to teeter at water’s edge.  confused under this might of blue why […]


don’t ever forget je suis un bastarde more than i hasten to remember to forget once more shut, shut up.


can we just forget all previous time and start new clocks? i made a mistake.  .  . no goodbyes

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