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unsleepable / unwakeable

eyes spinning in cracked sockets a little.  what news do you seek now? some sort of update, some sort of interest and morsel and question and just repeat the answer to infinite wisdom somewhere where it goes and hides and… are we really making sense any more? smooth pebbles feeling a constant glaze of water.  […]

a little mess number two

one day i would rather much, no very much, no incessantly really like to slip into that space between the curl of the delicate t and the diagonality it lies next to which can’t possibly bear to watch the hours pass any longer.  it is only one digit in an inescapable play, dramatised by ticks […]


1) liberally doused with rainflecks.  more, please. 2) tonight, london felt as if it were at war with itself.  the self-imposed explosions of thunder and lightning booming for miles around all within the same prescribed half-hour…  at such times, it is imperative to remain resolute and steel onesself against the pure onset of time. 3) […]


and all that could be seen were the stars in the sky in turn, gazing down upon ice cubed earth an ultramarine diamond under lock and sea. steal your time and sparks under moonshine steal it all under steeled padlock whisper it forward so the molecules of speech distil and fall pattering onto sugardusted leaves […]

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