Absolutely Miles Away …too many clouds, too little time…

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hidden under mud slung scrapped from sky the cloud could wander passing other passers by dotted paper aeroplanes arc in the crispy smooth the magic hour acts thriftily with darkening hue a moonpainting from history, placating starshine bright protecting veiled memory, drawing in the light rainsplashed sparks marking the road ahead twilight can exist; it’s […]


and all that could be seen were the stars in the sky in turn, gazing down upon ice cubed earth an ultramarine diamond under lock and sea. steal your time and sparks under moonshine steal it all under steeled padlock whisper it forward so the molecules of speech distil and fall pattering onto sugardusted leaves […]

one dark and foggy night…

as the luminous glow of a smile once passed through your eyes scanned closely and quietly back to home silence a familiar reflection echoes from the past a some one, a some body a somebody you used to know in a lifetime other than these cold hours we spend our thoughtful years trying to see […]


can’t speak today in words stolen from perspiring beaded skin under sallow glow, injecting no healthy tan, no worn parade this cavalcade of biology now simply throws through a prose flow indelibly scored on the backs of hands fingers aloft pointing to constellations conurbations of sky where soon the waning fires may rekindle from flinted […]

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