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26 September 2007 @ 8am

Tiny Thoughts

flight to spider island

I climbed, as fast and as paceful as pins could carry, to ride atop crownest and row by row of glinting, gleaming sapphires and emeralds, swaying, shining and foaming to the tune whistled on bright breezes swept scantly between these vast clouds and their pinprick lights between. The view from below whips the essence of saltmire into skin and bone and hulks of metal creaking and stumbling their way through this oft-used passage. The whitefeathered birds soar into heavens and beyond, but for now, race their engineered companion toward the start of time.

And out, out into this thin strip of seawater between lands; the land of all future behind and the land of all’s passed in front.

We sway, dancing to the ripple beat. Hands grip wetly, clinging to perilously perched edges; anticipating a world away. Hold tight; the ride may swim and spin away…


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27 September 2007 @ 2am

oh, how this spoke to me. wonderful images. of childhood and more. i grew up near a beach and remember well watching those gulls catching a ride on the waves as they gently rocked back and forth. they held as tight as they could, before flying off to distant shores. i always used to wish i could catch their breeze.

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28 September 2007 @ 10pm

Lovely, lovely, lovely. Sorry, that wasn’t a very coherent comment, but I just went off int a bit a dwam about sea and wind and islands and stuff.

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Absolutely Miles Away
4 October 2007 @ 8pm

Colin: a journey forward can sometimes equal a journey backward. Especially in terms of seas and hidden places. Maybe, maybe at the next turn of the wind…grab a hold to that breeze, and see if you can fly…

Melograna: i think i spent rather a long time in a similar dream, i hope yours was as floatsome as mine…

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