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14 September 2007 @ 12am

Incoherent Poetry, Insomaniacal

verse thirst

In five
Fleeting seconds slowly dive
Take ten
The world may spin around from now ’til then
at that point of low
Try not to work out how deep and far depths go
Just dig, clawed thin
Don’t try to dislocate this mess we’re in

For once more this will not escape
Just as one glimpsed glance can write books
Full to the brim, pages dripping with zeroes
A shiver still holds true through these years

Don’t listen to this burble now
And don’t heed my advice; heed no-one.
Make your way where you need to be
And leave at where the past meets your future.

Watch the shadows in silhouette walk away
As from a distance, this could make sense
Up close, brushed to one side. No.
The clearspace makes the view lighter.

a wide nib and thirsty paper.
A quiet word, underneath the cover of rain.
Repetitive situation, iterating it again.


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21 September 2007 @ 5am

“a wide nib and thirsty paper”…i can call it a good day if i happen upon both.

your structuring of words is both wonderful and frustrating in equal dose, but i find that i stumble across these hovering fragments that speak very clearly to me and it all seems worth having traipsed through your wordage

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22 September 2007 @ 7pm

I love this. Especially the “burble” bit.

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Absolutely Miles Away
26 September 2007 @ 8am

luis: thank you, however many shrouds may be employed to cease any sense of truthfulness…

melograna: sometimes splurges burble quietly, others babble in brooks or explosively waterfall through air.

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7 October 2007 @ 4pm

Beautiful use of words and imagery. Very lush.

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