Fit In Without Looking Like A Tourist

To travel the world is a cultural experience most people crave. But there are two ways to travel outside the United States for vacation. The first is the way most people travel. They go to all the tourist spots and carry all their touristy belongings with them as they go. The second more private way to travel is to see the world through the eyes of a more native person. This focus is to have a more unique travel experience. In order Read more »

Get The Most Out Of Travel By Blending In

Any time you are planning a trip to another city, state or even an entirely new country, it is important to understand how to properly fit in while you are there. Fitting in when you travel helps to rid typical touristy appearances, which can reduce the chances of being robbed or even potentially scammed, as tourists are often the biggest targets when traveling somewhere new. Tourists are ideal targets for natives wherever you are visiting as they are familiar with the territory and have Read more »

Become A Local While Traveling Abroad

None of us want to feel like an awkward tourist when we’re in a different country, but how can we avoid it? Here are some quick tips to blend in with the locals when we actually have no idea.
Shed the extra weight. Nothing sends alarms off like a hulking pedestrian carrying around a backpack the size of a small child. Leave your bulky belongings in your hotel room, but keep your essentials in a regular everyday bag for safekeeping.
Do Read more »

Go Local With A New Culture

Sometimes, just touring a place isn’t enough. You’d like to really get to know a place like a local. There are a few ways to do this depending on things such as how much time you have and your facility in the local language.

One way to get a taste of the local culture is by choosing the place you stay carefully. Rather than a hotel or even a youth hostel, look into renting an apartment or house. The prices of vacation rentals are comparable to or less than a hotel, and living in one even for just Read more »

Get The Local’s Experience In A New Country

Are you traveling outside of the country? You can become one of the locals if you remember a few important things. Try to find a language translation book so that you can talk to people at shops and restaurants. It will also help you when you need to talk to people about where to go in the area. Find out what style the clothing is that people wear in the country. Get a few things before you leave home so that Read more »

Fit in From the Get-Go

Going on vacation isn’t just about setting your home security systemsand booking a flight – it’s all about the experience. If you want to travel far away without looking like a tourist, take some tips from us
No Tourist Gear – Forget the maps, the giant cameras and the fanny packs, the first rule in not looking like a tourist is dressing like a local. Find out what the customs are (No Read more »

Experience Foreign Countries Like A Local

Traveling the world is a wonderful experience that expands the perspective of an individual. Most people typically travel on holidays and participate in expensive tourist activities. This is fine, but tourist end up missing out on the local element, which offers a richer experience during one’s travel. Travelers can read this article and learn the best way to experience foreign countries like a local.

Backpacking Explained

The best way to experience local culture is by backpacking. This is an activity that originated with active college students that wanted adventure. Backpacking offers the opportunity to travel on a budget and Read more »

Experience Foreign Countries While Blending In

There are many ways to experience foreign countries while blending in and one of the best ways to blend in is by dressing like the locals. Dressing like the locals is the easiest way to blend in a country while experiencing what the country has to offer.

Another good way to blend in while experiencing a foreign country is by acting like most of the people that occupy the country. If the majority of people in the area seem to be calm and laid back then it is probably best to remain calm and laid back Read more »

Tips For Foreign Travel Without Looking Like A Tourist

If you have plans to go to another country to explore new places but you do not want to look like a tourist, I have compiled below a list of things that you should do to prevent looking like one.

1. Most of the time, tourists are seen with a map so that they can go to many different places without having any troubles or difficulties. However, when you carry a map with you all the time, it is obvious that you Read more »

Travel Abroad And Experience New Clutures Incognito

While traveling is a fantastic opportunity, some travelers have difficulties enjoying their journeys to the fullest because they feel uncomfortable because they are aware that they don’t blend in well with the locals. These strategies will help even the most self-conscious traveler feel like they fit in.

First, travelers should keep a few basic suggestions in mind. To stop looking like a tourist, travelers should try to not blatantly carry things that only tourists carry, such as backpacks, big cameras, guidebooks, and large maps. In general, outside of the United States people do not Read more »

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